How do you reset uTime?


So I’ve been trying to find out how to reset uTime however I’ve tried several things and all have ended up unsuccessful. I would appreciate if someone could please help me find out how to accomplish this action. Thank you.

I imagine it just uses sql, if so then it’s stored in the sv.db file which you can open with a sqlite editor. You could then just replace all “totaltime” etc with 0.

Yeah, its just that I’m not sure where sv.db is… I’ve tried to find it but no results. Where is it usually?

It will just be in the main server directory /garrysmod/ next to all the map folders etc.

I see, right at the bottom. I’ve opened it in an editing software, gone to total time under utime but stuck on how to reset the system for uTime. (Using DB Browser for SQLite.

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Or should I delete the uTime table? (All of it)

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I’ve got the hang of the software already however I just don’t know if it be better to delete the hole table then just to change totaltime to 0

Either delete the table and it should reset, or just do something like this:

UPDATE utime SET totaltime=0

Got it, Thank you very much!