how do you reskin the physgun?

ive seen downloads on garrysmod that are simply just a reskin for your physgun but i have never edited things like that in gmod before. since reskining seems like its just drawing and coloring, can someone tell me all the software i need and what i have to do?

You need:
VTF edit
Gimp or photoshop

Extract \hl2\materials\Models\Weapons\V_physcannon\v_superphyscannon_sheet.vtf/.vmt, from source materials.gcf using GCFScape.

Use VTFEdit to export a .TGA from the .vtf, then edit it with gimp or photoshop.

Save it and turn it back into a .vtf using vtfedit.

Then place the .vmt and the .vtf into
Run garrysmod and enjoy!

Correct me if i’m wrong, I’ve never skinned before i’m just assuming how.

alright, thanks for the help. it seems like a lot to do so ill get to work. thanks again.

Alternatively use Paint.NET if you want a free, uncomplicated, easy to learn program.

Can you please explain how to skin using pain.NET? I have paint.Net and VTFEdit. I am stuck there lol :slight_smile:

I genuinely lol’d at this.

Basically just find the texture sheet of the model you want to skin, export it to TGA format with VTFEdit, edit it in PDN, import it back to VTF with VTFEdit, then replace the original file with your new edited one.

Boom, skin.

Can you not just edit the vtf?

No. Well, there’s a plugin to do that with Photoshop, but it isn’t necessary. I actually have photoshop, and I still do it with VTFEdit. Although I’ve considered writing a plugin for the GIMP.

If you’re worried about data loss with the decompress/recompress cycle, don’t. It isn’t noticeable with DXT compression anyways, and even editing the VTF directly wouldn’t fix that.



Also, whenever I do what the second poster said, and I open the tga up with this is what it looks like

The texture is using the alpha channel to store the glow data. More transparent=less glow, invisible=no glow. I don’t remember the trick to editing them properly, but just know that the process IS working right.

If you don’t mind removing the glow effect, export it (from VTFEdit) as a BMP, then edit that. It should work, at the cost of weird lighting in-game.

I actually had in that list, but i removed it because i have never tried it. :<

So I edited the .bmp, and converted it into a .vtf, now how do I replace the old one inside of the GCFScape?

You put it in a corresponding folder in steamapps[yourname]\garrysmod\garrysmod\materials.

Quick question, I made a skin for a SWEP, (not the physgun) and then swapped the .vtf for my own, however, the skin shows up purple and black in game. What did I do wrong?

You probably messed up the filepaths of the .vmt, double-check to make sure the location of the base texture is accurate.

Found it, name was wrong, it’s fixed. My skin looks like crap though. :frowning: