How do you rip models from cryengine 4?

I have recently downloaded evolve from steam ( alpha version ) and I would like to know how I can extract models from it

U don’t

it is impossible?

Unless you can find a program that can read the model files you gonna have to use one of those 3d ripper. Google them

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Also nothing is impossible, unless it comes to ripping ds game models

Fucking piece of shit wasted my time

from the looks of it… they use .pak to store their objects which im assuming is the models

I believe you should be able to decompress the .pak file the same way you would for a .rar or .zip file. I might be confusing it with another format though. So many compression formats out there, but I seem to recall opening a pak file from a Jedi Knight mod a long time ago.

CGF has already been figured out, unless they updated the model format, you just need to find someone to unpack the archives.

Both 3D ripper DX and ninja ripper were unsuccessful

winraw and file explorer arent able to open it. Also tom-bmx’s pak extractor doesnt support this type of pak. I am googling diffrent .pak extractors and trying them:

name - result - link

winraw - Unrecognized file error - Download
Ghost Pak Exporter - Unsupported file error - Download
mpakdump - Only made a folder and then crashed - Download ( Direct Download )
PakBuild - Cant read the type of file error - Download
crysis 3 .pak extractor - Unrecognized file type error - Download
PakExtract - Files not found - Download
Crysis 2 PAK Utility - Broke as soon as it was opened - Download
PakDecrypt_rebuild - created a broken raw (size: 0 kb)… Ill upload the raw if some one thinks they can find a way to open the raw - Download (Program)

Afaik Cryengine EaaS allows you to open model files from arbitrary games, I saw people exporting models from Star Citizen and Ryse with it

Can you find me a link? because a google search isnt bring anything up for “Afaik Cryengine EaaS”

Cry-engine as a service,