How do you rip models from portal 2?

I would like to rip models from portal 2 but i have no idea where to start

You don’t need to rip them. Just extract them from the GCFs using GCFscape then decompile them with crowbar or something.

where would i get crowbar?

This seems like it, but I don’t use it so I don’t know for sure.

last 2 questions: 1. is there any way to convert smd to maya, blender, or 3ds max? 2. How would i convert the materials to one that you can edit ( the textures found in the materials )

Vtfedit can export the textures as .tgas and such, and there’s .smd importers for Maya and 3ds Max. Don’t know about Blender.

Blender does have tools (Joe linked them above). 3ds max has a lot of unofficial plugins (wunderboy for 2012 and prior and wallworm for newer 3ds max versions). Maya has a set of official plugins from Valve in the sdk content and Left 4 dead 2 source files content which I think currently goes up to 2013 although Dota might have some newer plugins with it as well. On a side note, it looks like Valve apparently has some plugins for Sketchup in there too.