How do you see Rust in a future?

In a distant one, say 1/2 years. I personally see it like the definitive player-vs-nature (and other players)/survival-in-the-wilderness game, something very funny to play and with an extremely high replayability value. And, of course, if we get lucky, less hackers.
Now, how you see it in a future?

In 100 years we might plug a brain jack into our heads like in the matrix and actually have a real rock fight that hurts with other people. Garry will be seen as the master survivalist in the virtual world of Rust and we will program him so he stays forever alive.

In 1 year I forsee that it will be the same broken unplayable fundamentally wrongly programmed game that is so client-sided that hackers are the real winners and that they might actually pull off the dedicated servers at any time to have deals with providers. I think they will always leave some very important key feature missing and glitches that completely renders the game worthless… afterall it’s the true essence of Rust.

At this rate it will be dead.

because the devs already left this game and make more unfinished games rite?

I don’t see a finished game in 12 months time. We will all still be reading Friday Dev blogs, looking at pretty pictures from Meg, Andre making AI react better etc and rinse and repeat.

Maybe it may make it to a finished product, Maybe I will still try to log in occasionally (Won’t let me in today for some reason), Maybe Garry would have built his New house by then… who knows?

Lots of Maybe’s, and if you read through the dev blogs, lots of maybe’s in them too.

I think the game would be one of the games that everyone is talking about again like when it first come out and now it has a lot of protection. it is not going to be finished in the next 12 months but 2 years maybe.