How do you set the max Expression 2's on a server?

I have tried sbox_maxwire_expression2 0, which didn’t work. I asked Drunkie and he said to try sbox_max_expression2 0 and that didn’t work either. if anyone knows, that would be awesome. Thanks!

  • TBoy205

if you have latest wire svn go into the tab scroll down to Administrator bit and it has max wire tool thing just change expression 2 to 0 press enter and wire is that stupid that you have to restart your server for it to take effect

Usually wire variables are sbox_maxwire_??? so you must have been close when you tried the first one.

Also are you using a dedicated server? if you are use rcon to run it on teh server or run it in the server console. If you are using a dedicated server, what steveob said wont work.

sbox_expressions I think…

Yes it was, thanks. One of my friends told me.