How do you start coding a gamemode or a addon?

Basicly I want to know how you start “planning” your gamemode, and how you start. Do you start with the basics server-sided lua first, or clientsided? Maybe both at the same time?

Maybe this will help new coders starting their own gamemode/addon, if they get to know where to start.

Whatever you enjoy most. This will usually depend on what you are coding.

When I was coding a gamemode. I made a very orginized word-file.
And typed like in players.lua I’ll add “bam bom and bom”
In sv_networking.lua I’ll add… And so on.

Then I started first on basic HUD and networking system to get it working. Then start making everything out of it.

I just start on the least detailed things first, then progress to the more detailed things later.

I’d advice against trying to develop a gamemode if you are a newbie, you need to understand the inner workings of GMOD to be able to do so. If you are newbie, try making something more simplistic and single-sided. A script for mass deleting props, another for kicking, maybe a personal derma menu for doing stuff like kicking people.

Actually I started learning GMod Lua with gamemodes. Just saying.

I think it’s up to the individual person. Somone might learn best by making a gamemode from scratch, somone learns more by editing things like sweps, addons and gamemodes, and other methods.

Its always been easiest for me to compile a list of features I want, then compile a list of files i want them in, then I always do the Gamemode Hook overrides