How do you start your own roleplay sever

I really want to start a roleplay server for me and my friends. But how?

I bet you’re wondering "How come nobody replied yet?

Its because its not that hard to figure out on your own.

If you want a server you have to buy one, download an RP game mode and put it on your server.

My friend used to work for EZServers. They have servers for cheap. Check there

I used to run one.
It’s not that hard.
Just rent from a reliable company.

It´s HARD work, depending on what RP you want to do and wether the script WORKS or not.

If you’re feeling cheap and kinda lazy, you can just download the gamemode, put it in your gamemodes folder, and choose “Play Multiplayer” with the gamemode.

oh so you have to pay i didn’t know that

No, you don’t have to pay, but you get a better server if you do pay.

If you host a server yourself, it relies on your computer’s power, and (if it’s a listen server) is only running when you have gmod running the server. With your own dedicated server, you would need to have a second computer to run it off of.

Well, you see… when a mommy and daddy love each other very mu-
Oh wait… well, the first thing you need to think about before starting an RP server is “Do I have a good Admin team?”. If you answered yes, you could have potential to be a small regular player based server!

Make your server enjoyable so you can drag in a small group of long term players, Then it will grow from there. Also, If you do make a server and it does get popular do NOT try to expand at the first chance you get.

Better safe then sorry, I can’t tell you how many communities I have seen die because they decided to expand when they first could and people just started to leave.

^(I agree with this post)