How do you stock YOUR backpack before you log?

This is how I do that:

This is an off day, due to the introduction of planks. I usually log with a quick kit for a don’t-fuck-with hut.

…how the fuck…

That’s some pretty nice stuff there be a-shame if something happened to it xD I know that live guy :confused:

I’ve actually carried some of these piles of things since the start. I’ve had really great luck with home security also.

If someone kills you takes everything and looted your home what would you do?

damn nice gear dude!


And give the account to me


Logging in after a wipe is intense. It’s a race to plant a structure without being euthanized while in a menu. If someone gets hostile while trying to get 4 walls in the ground, it’s a VERY intense gun fight. I know that if I lose, he’ll get more loot than he can carry, and I’ll look like a big gay baby.

Well i was watching a streamer play yesterday for all i can say is he caught on well with the whole concept of this game

Haha, have the building materials pre-made before a wipe, that would be outsmart them :wink:

All that loot and only a single 9mm pistol…

What is that “?” Bag near the bottom right?

A research kit.

Back on topic:For now,because of the fairly common server wipes,I usuallt disconnect wih my inventory full of all the stuff that I find important.

Nice and now you lost everything due to the wipe.

and *Zing

why keep all of those medkits if you have that much blood? Blood stacks, paper stacks, medkits take up valuable inventory space.

i shove everything in

and then i log off

Small Stash,a new container in game.

No. I didn’t.

So I keep the blood because you can only keep 5 med kits per slot, but you can keep up to 250 blood…so I make med kits as needed after my supply runs out. Just grind the blood kit while crafting.

Also anyone else wanna participate?