How do you stop workshop stuff from being spawned in a server?

Need to know as all people seem to do is spawn workshop crap on my server. I’d rather people use advanced dupe and spawn their own stuff.

If you have FPP or similar installed on your server there’s a convenient option to restrict tools by rank / individual user’s, so setting the ‘duplicator’ tool to superadmin only works well, I’m pretty sure there’s another way via commenting out a few lines somewhere, but it’s been a long time and my memory isn’t very good.

I always just use toolmode_allow_duplicator 0

For the sake of re-typing.
Posted this in a few similar threads a while back, its not 100 percent fool proof, but it will stop the majority of people who community dupes and still allow the use of the regular dupe for saving and loading local dupes.

The way I did it, I had an addon called SooperDooper which would viewpunch the player, do 10 damage, and spam obnoxious rainbow text telling them that dupe tool is disabled

That’s probably the most effective way.