How do you turn Saves into VMFs?

I recall seeing somewhere that you can do it, but it was like, ages ago. Does anyone know how? I was hoping to use a person’s Save file to make a map out of it.

Also, just came to thought, is there a way to get Phx track pieces into Hammer’s Prop Viewer? I wouldn’t like seeing errors in hammer and not knowing where the track pieces are.

Reason for this is because I thought I’d try a map where it could end up on our favourite Glutt (but that’s a long shot I’m aiming for)

The only way I can think of, was to load up in gmod9, and to use export to hammer. But I never really used export to hammer. So I don’t know if it would save a whole map…


ANd besides, you can;t load up a gmod10 save in gmod9. ATleast, it would be very odd if possible without errors like no npc’s and like.

Sorry Axe but I can’t understand :wtc: you’re saying.

Google the command wc_update. It is used so that props can be settled so that they don’t all fall into place at the start of the level.

almost easier to understand him then what you’re actually trying to do.

You have a saved game in Gmod 10, which you want to make a map out of? in hammer?
I don’t really think it’s possible (well, maybe possible, but not in a very clean/easy way), unless you use some smart way I can’t think of.

It is possible, there was a thread about it, and there where people confirming it was right.

Lost the thread and forgot how to do it.
If anyone can also tell me how to get the Phx tracks into Hammer (without the whole god damn pack itself, just the track models), that would be a bonus.

You cannot convert from a save to a vmf. It just cannot be done.

You can use the wc_update command to update the position of props within your map, assuming you have hammer open in the background with the exact same vmf the map was compiled from originally (needs to be precisely the same version, decompiles don’t work).

You could place the models in the materialsrc folder to get them in hammer. materials/metal/food/cheeseburger would be materialsrc/metal/food/cheeseburger.

I presume you’re thinking of the contraption .vmf’s that people were dishing out?

if your saying make a vmf out of a contraption or something then head over too vmf_suite…
A whole map though? :confused:

Nevermind, I’ve become too confused to actually continue :gonk:.

yoBrelliKX that doesn’t work with PHX for some reason. I found the model and material, put it in both folders in my EP2 folder…

Didn’t work.

I think maybe this is the sort of thing you are looking for?

Save file + Hammer + Donut = fail

The two files (or 3 if you count the edibles) just aren’t made to be compatible.