How do you unbody group?

I’m wondering how you unbody group.


I’m not sure exactly what it’s called. I have this and and

The models are all body grouped, I have the tool that allows me to change the head/gear/color of clothing. I was wondering how to get them into separate ragdolls to use as playermodels.

lolz you shouldnt be making player models learn what “decompileing” is first.

My friend knows how to model, but he’s stumped on unbody grouping these models. I’m not modeller just trying to help a friend.

your friend is a retard then there is no such thing as “unbody group”. since im feeling happy today i will tell you.

  1. decompile sed model
  2. there will be a series of .smds
  3. like
  4. open 3dsmax or what ever you are using
  5. open the reference model
  6. add accessories to the model, position them
  7. edit qc and compile

Thank you so much! My friend is rustled that you called him a retard but also thanks you.