How do you uninstall gmod to get rid of the files?

I need to uninstall gmod and get rid of all of my mods inside and then i will reinstall the game. i would just delete the addons inside of the folder but i am a noob and i did not know were to put the mods so i manualy moved addons into the files(such as the lua, i moved to the lua part of the addon to the lua folder) i have uninstalled gmod using steam rebooted my computer and all of my mods are still in the files.

I’m trying to understand the question in there.

If you are trying to clean slate your install, delete the whole garrysmod folder while Steam is not running, then start Steam and let it install.

Addons should be in garrysmod/garrysmod/addons/<cooladdon>/
In there, you should find info.txt and probably some lua/, models/, materials/ and sound/ folders with all the goodies.

Beyond that, can you rephrase the question? confused

so what folder do you want me to go to, too delete gmod. my question rephrased would be “How can i totally delete gmod so there are no files left on my computer so when i reinstall gmod, it is brand new?”

c:\program files\steam\steamapps&lt;your Steam login>\garrysmod\

Well what I did (this is not a completely clean slate but it does get rid of the crap and leaves you with a clean gmod simply;
1.Delete garrysmod from c:\program files\steam\steamapps&lt;your Steam login>
2.Steam can be running, then double click the steam icon to start gmod, steam will then restore the default gmod files in the steamapps folder.
3.Exit gmod and put everything you want back into addons to avoid the mess you currently have.
4.Restart gmod profit?

Oh btw, if you try to put addons in the folder before you start garrysmod, the folder will not be there. Just start gmod up and everything will be there. That happened to me and I thought there was a glitch of some sort.