How do you use more than one texture in a model?

Hey, I was wondering if anyone could tell me how to make a model that uses more than just one texture repeated 6 times (ex:cube.

-I am currently using milkshape to make my models. I know that, that specific program is a bit restricted towards producing. But I find it easier to use a the moment, since I just recently start making models.

-its a pain to use (milkshape) towards putting textures on a model however.

-as you can probably guess the reason to ask this because I want to make more complex models(no duh!) texture wise.

-(Ex making a sign that has grean side/top, bottom; with a custom texture on the front/back

Note: I used the (-) mark indentations to make my question seem to well less than a wall of text :wink: Oh, I keep in mind I am somewhat new to modeling.

Thanks in advance!

Select the faces of the side you want to have a different texture on and regroup them, then you can assign another texture to them by making a new material for them and assigning that to your new regroup.

How exactly can I select a specific side in milkshape? srry about noob questions…lol




well that didn’t work. I selected the side and when I clicked assign texture, it said: Textures can only be assigned to groups (the whole figure). So any ideas??? :frowning:
sorry I’m confused. I will just experiment a bit. I know what you are saying but I just need to take a sec to expirement…kk thanks!


How do you regroup them???


Please someone help! I know how to regroup the faces(kinda) but how can I do that? My model is just a single box (all pre-connected faces) How can i regroup them into an individual group it’s self. I tried it just regrouped the whole box.??? :frowning:


Hahahahaha I just realized what I was doing wrong! …hehe I successfully did what “silver spirit” said towards regrouping. But what I didn’t realize was that both groups were assigned to “texture 1” when ever I tried to attach the side texture to the side of my box it would go over the wholle thing since both groups were assign to the same texture name. It took me so long to realize that…lololol sorry about all the fuss…wow