how do you use particles?

How do you use particles? I have tried to make them appear on the point you are looking at when you press primary fire, but it removes my SWep from the weapons panel.
Can anyone tell me how to properly use particles?
Do I need to make custom particle systems?

**[G.ParticleEffect](** is your best bet. As for what particle to use, you use the particle name and not the name of the PCF and you can use custom particles or ones found in HL2/TF2/etc.

I would actually prefer making an info_particle_system instead, as you have more abilities such as turning it on and off, but remember to precache it first or it won’t load.

How would I do this in Lua?
I know how to make particles, but I do not know how to implement them.

Take a look at the info_particle_system STOOL, it’s pretty easy to do.

Kinda hard to attach it to things.

:SetParent works like a charm for me