how do you use Swep constriction kit

i dont really know how to use it i know how to put props on the veiw models and stuff but i dont know how to make a swep out of it

Make an file.Write with an table doing such as [lua]file.Write(“somefile.txt”, [[Entity:SetPos(]]… Vec …[[) Entity:SetViewOffset(]]… newVec …[[)]])[/lua]

That’s how I’d do it you just put it in the updating function bit so every time you edit it it’ll save in case your game crashes

It’s not to make SWEPs, it’s to help with iron-sight codes. You’re going to have to code the SWEP yourself.

Make a empty lua swep that derives from weapon_cs or any oter weapon base and then create another file and add this

SWEP.Base = "weapon base here "

and go to swep construction kit Click on Print Weapon data And paste that on your SECOND lua file the one that derives from your base

if you did it well it SHOULD work fine of course then you need to add your own parameters such as Recoil etc

I recommend reading this