How do you use Tranquility?

I have obtained a copy of tranquility and i need to know how to use it really bad! If anyone can give me some pointers that would be very apreicated!

What is that?

What the hell is a tranquility?

Isn’t that this steamid faking thing?


And so the next generation of mingebags was defeated by their defining attribute: stupidity.

Most of us still don’t know what it is, but judging from your statement I’m gonna say it’s some sort of script/hack.

SteamID spoofing program.


OP: Has sourcecode but no binaries and so can’t use it.


Because he doesn’t know what a compiler is.

Guy joined our server with this, kept crashing it. We permabanned him 7 times in 15 minutes, until we finally realized he was using a SteamID spoofer. 8th time I IP banned his ass.

Please IP ban people like the OP from now on, admins.

Or just check if his name is the same as the steam communety page! (You need a special way for privat profiles)

There’s a lua script somewhere that does all kinds of checks with the SteamID to see if it is on the server. This, I think.

Tranquility is a SteamID spoofer that uses a proxy server to change your auth packet. It will be broken in the next engine update. No one is going to give you help on it.