How do you walk in the air?

I’ve seen a load of things that you can just walk in to the air and look over the map.

Tell me if this is possible and how to do it.

it’s called Noclip.
Just press “V” in a server where it’s allowed.

Omg, the boxes, there everywhere!


Classic Nooby Question. :hurr:

You think that after 6 months or so, you’d figure it out…

Press “V” and sometimes the player model will play a running animation.

Box fort for you

Sorry, not saying you’re dumb, although thats what the boxes are implying, It’s an excellent way to gain a free house, also, It’s “V” like everyone says, Also, you can turn the prop invisible and prop surf so that you can have fun

EDIT : nevermind, my boxfort got fucked, these dumbs are mine now.

I’ve had GMod for a few days.

What’s the gun to move stuff?

Physics Gun

He was being sarcastic, venus.

(obligatory “i was too dur”)

Where the fuck is that Q menu?

Oh my sweet jesus, I had to screenshot this

Alright, don’t get too excited now son, we were all new to the source engine at one time.