how does a server have 42/40 players?

can someone explain to me how a server has 42 out of 40 people? I am trying to join the orange cosmos RP but i cannot because there are more than forty people…


Basically, they reserve a slot or two for admins, and hide them.

oh… then they must have like 5 admins…

doesn’t necessarily have to be admins. Could be any player, but more likely donators.

It can glitch. It happened to my server. I had set it for 5 people, and I counted 8 where on. Oh, and I also think it might be because its the answer to the galaxy. Look at the number.

Lol ive seen it before too.

@cortexmaster lol i didnt even notice that.

it is probably VIP, because the orange cosmos servers have VIP…

connect iphere

When the server is full, most servers can bug up.

only above 60 players.

Its most likely a glitch.

Actually, it’s most likely a reserve slot.

At least half of the servers on ANY Source game have at least ONE slot reserved for that someone special.

I have access to a reserve slot on a TF2 server for playing >20 hours on it.