How does C4 works?

How many C4 needed for :

Wooden Door?
Wooden Wall?
Metal Door?
Wooden Ramp?
Wooden Stair case?

Earleir today a guy named Flank and his mate blow up my shack with just a c4…

A shack.Not built with foundation etc…

So there’s difference between Shack and a house built with pillars and stuff??

P.S US server is down again aye?

I’m not an expert but i’ll give it a shot…

wooden door 1
wooden wall 5 (From my experience)
metal door 3
Ramp (Haven’t done)
Wooden stair case (They are fairly weak i assume one)

Shak’s are much more weaker than a Proper house, I think they need 1-2 charges depending, to destroy a shak completely.

US is down at the moment, yeah :confused:

You also need to keep in mind, at least for the shack and wooden doors, its overall health before a charge is set. These can be damaged and even torn down by melee attacks.


Thanks guys!