How does FastDL work?

Hello everyone! So I followed this tutorial: and I was wondering if scripts is allowed to be in the fastdl folder of my website. I followed everything in that tutorial for each m9k pack. So inside each pack there was models, lua, materials, and sounds. I compressed them and moved models, materials and sounds into my fastdl folder and I did it for each pack. Wouldn’t I need something to make it so it runs the models and stuff for each pack like a lua file since when I used the gmad extractor on the m9k packs they each had a lua folder and an addon.txt. Should I like make a folder for each m9k pack that I got then add the lua folder for each of them and the addon text files? Sorry if this is confusing but I’ll be glad to give more details.

Are you sure you read the tutorial? It explains everything very clearly, one of the best tutorials I’ve seen for FastDL actually.

It also answered your question about including Lua files.

So once I have the models and stuff in the fastdl folder, will I be able to spawn it in the q menu?

If the addons are on the server and the resources for them properly added to FastDL you should be able to, yes

What do you mean if the addons are on the server? I have the M9K Packs in my fastdl…unless you mean web server?

The FastDL is the web server

Ah okay so I don’t need anything in my server addons folder. Is it possible I could add you on steam to ask further questions if needed?

Uhhhh what? You need the addon on the server so the server can use it. The player downloads the resources from your FastDL web server.

Okay so FastDL works in mysterious ways…
Maps are force downloaded to the client and as a result are not needed to be put in a resource.addfile.
Everything else is. Addons cannot be downloaded as “addons” so the M9K packs by default will not work, you need to merge the materials, models and sound folders together. For example, you create 3 folders on your FastDL server, materials, models and sound. You would then open the extracted M9K weapon packs and merge the materials, models and sounds with the newly created folders on your FastDL host, this means that upon join if specified in resource.addfile they will be downloaded as materials on join.
For the resource.addfile, I used this:
Simply specify the directory of your FastDL ROOT, not the individual folders the let it run. You can then File -> Export -> Export to clipboard.
Now, go onto your game server. Navigate to garrysmod -> lua -> autorun -> server and create a file called “resources.lua”. I would use a program like Notepad++ to do this. Paste your clipboard into that file, add the FastDL download link to your server.cfg:
“sv_downloadurl” “
Once you have done that, restart your game server and all should work.

Hope this helped.