How does limited C4 change the game?

It looks like it’s possible to limit how often C4 comes up, or how much a player is able to use and wanted to get some more info on that. If this is the case, how does it change the game? If it’s possible to limit does someone who gets C4 effectively decide when and where to attack others?

Edit: should have said limiting crafting ability.

Currently on my server I hVe it so C4 is not lootable, however, you can craft it if you find the bp’s. it makes it harder since it forces them to gather resources to craft it…but it is still there. I didnt want to remove the threat completely.

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Servers where you have to loot it, and are forced to loot it have even less C4, because you first have to get to lets say an airdrop, and then survive back with it too.

I don’t see the point on limiting the persons that can have c4 on a server. Either you allow it or ban it totally.

Me and some friends have managed to build a real big castle. and we have only one attack so far thought they only managed to get half way in on the bottom level with 10 C4. Thats way we have managed to build up a stock of 143 C4 so if anyone manage to get to our “inner room” we can retaliate with force. And we have only played for 6 days on that server.

So what will stop us from starting to sell C4 to other players that we “trust”? on a server with limiting ways to learn how to build C4? We could easily produce 30-40 C4 a day and just flood the market.

I play on a server that has made C4 only obtainable(rare) from airdrops, and is not researchable. Its added a bit of balance to the game, in as much as raiding purely for the purpose of raiding(cause you have so much C4, like 143xc4 in the case of Sunrock) has stopped, this allows most players to build up and gear up, without the guarantee that you’ll constantly be raided. This has promoted a more stable pvp environment, I mean you dont get large groups of bandits farming c4 and blowing the crap outta bases and effectively keeping players all over the map out of the pvp scene. I mean you’ll only ever raid a base when you’re 100% sure that your efforts will result in a nett gain. You now have a situation where pvp is intense, as most players have at least some sort of gear and battles arent so one-sided, you dont often see kevlar wearing bandits pwning rock/bow toting players left right and centre, fights are slightly more balanced. Fights centered around airdrops are scary as hell, so farming the rare c4 from airdrops, isnt a guarantee either.

We have restricted C4 to loot only - it’s currently uncraftable. We plan to have crafted C4 in the server in a week or two in order to allow people to get set up on our fresh server without their small bases being blown to pieces by one large group. It’s worked great so far, we have a nice little community and people have to be smart when raiding instead of using an absolute tonne of C4 to blow everything apart.

On another note, raiding is still possible with crafted grenades, just takes more resources to raid somewhere and again encourages smarter raiding.

I find that with restrictions on C4 You see more and more heavily fortified metal structures pop up unchecked.
I believe that there should be a balance in C4 and building capability. When there’s not enough C4, raiding isn’t profitable (since you would need to blow up several doors/walls) and when there is too much C4 it isn’t profitable to create a nice base since your base would get blasted to bits.

I think that rather be either completely against it or completely for it perhaps we should take another approach. Allow it do be both crafted and looted but ensure the loot drops of it are fairly rare and the resources used to make it more “expensive” in an attempt to make people really justify crafting it.

I play on a server with limited C4(only obtained by airdrops and only 1 inside). I actually prefer it this way. Raiding requires more thought instead of mindlessly destroying everything just because you can easily make more. C4 provides way too much power. Grenades provide power, but they are resource hungry and not the most dependable(when compared).

I love raiding, but at the same time I understand the impact that comes with play to crush. Currently going all out on a base is when you know there are a lot of goods inside. This is usually after a “faction” rivalry begins on the server. Others just might have a few walls blown up occasionally, but not crushed down where they decide to completely give up on the game.

True but then depending on the server the same people with a group of 5-10 guys get it every time…

Limited C4 means your stupid base is safe - just sit behind a metal door and have your group login and wait and as soon as someone comes through the door hold down your fire button without aiming, currently the defender has the full advantage they can just sit and spawn in their house and hide behind doors and once the ‘cd’ on doors is gone replace it with another door until the offensive is out of c4 and leaves

Most of the time you get raided when you’re offline so you can’t defend your base.

Thanks for the idea. Yours is one of the ideas that I really do like… Setting a time limit on when crafted C4 goes live and then limiting it from the start is an excellent idea. It will give people a little more piece of mind in the early stages. I also hadn’t thought of using grenades to blow up a door either! Both of these items are very helpful.

You sound rather angry about how easy it is for people to defend their home. I mean, you roll up on my turf and start blowing my shit down and you’re damn right I’m going to use every advantage I have to get you to leave me alone.

C4 adds an interesting dynamic to the game, if you leave your supplies on the first floor of a single walled building (no matter the size) then you sort of deserve to get a wall or door blown up.

Once they loot all your stuff, you will adapt or your will fail at the game time and time again.

My first day on the game, I built a 3 story house with a few buddies of mine, we didn’t roof it because we wanted to build it higher. Before we got off for the night we gathered much wood and supplies to make our fort even taller!! The next morning we came on to find stairs built outside and inside to allow people in and out bypassing our thought to be secured base.

We of course adapted and wall everything with 2-3 layers and more doors then the price is right and raid every roofless base we see.

That’s what a survival game is about, learning something and putting it to use. You can be the best FPS player in the world, but if your not smart that all means jack once you log off.

Anyway, I like C4 in rare airdrops, yes craftable. BUT as with the server I play on, airdrops wasn’t implemented until like 7 days after the wipe. This means, there wasn’t much C4 to go around so what you had you held onto.

Anyway thats my 2 cents.


That’s why you should be motivated to build an intricate and effective base. Very tall, lots of metal doors, etc.

Remember that raiding, at the moment, is end game. Once you’ve built up your base there’s nothing left to do but attack other players.

I don’t think anyone’s arguing that there are some balance issues at the moment, but if you restrict C4 to being only lootable it won’t be long before you get bored and quit.