How does one add materials to the material gun?

I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time cuz I want to make scenes for scenebuilding, but I am not sure how to. Anyone mind pointing me in the right direction?

talking about that one


Where it says
list.Add( “OverrideMaterials”, “models/flesh” )
Below this, copypaste list.Add( “OverrideMaterials”, “models/flesh” ) where “models/flesh” is the directory + filename minus extension for the material, so it would look something like this:
list.Add( “OverrideMaterials”, “nature/grass01” )
It doesn’t matter if it’s in addons or not, it just starts from the materials folder, and gmod will just find the first matching entry.

There probably is a method of automatically adding materials to a list - If I come across one I’ll post it here.

Oh and make sure you have this backed up before and after, because with each gmod update, it’ll get overwritten (I think, best to be sure though).