How does one defend your house from getting greifed/raided by clan??

Hi all,
I’m one of the many solo players that have probably thought of this question time and time again. I create a house few stories high i have m4 full kevlar etc etc
But no matter how many groups i try to defend my house from i always end up losing and as a result getting griefed over and over again…

I must question if the balance of solo players-too clan/group ratio even works out???

How often do you see a solo player protect his house from 6 members in full kevlar??? To be honest i find it quiet difficult to hold my own vs group of 2 kevlar players at a time let alone 6.

My question is to the dev’s/public simply…

**What can one do against so many within Rust? ** Is this game balanced for the individual or is it the clan with the biggest number of player wins??

Because I’m starting to find no matter how big or complex or how well you can defend your house, they will still get in and ruin your long hours just for fun…

Perhaps we need a hardcore type of mode where you really die with 1 head shot and have less health etc (perhaps the individual will have more of a realistic chance…)

(Please no its just an alpha comments) This is a serious problem

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Read through the forums a bit. There is talk of more defense mechanisms in the works. Turrets, traps, etc…

Items like that could definitely help your cause when it comes to defending your home.

If you hear them outside your house, just DDoS the server

I do think there need to be some sort of traps or trip mines in my opinion. There really isn’t much you can do when a squad of 5-10 guys come up to your door and blow it open with C4. lol the only thing you really can do is make sure you have a fully loaded shotgun and armor.

I don’t understand why you think that solo players should be on the same footing as a group/clan. If they have enough explosives they’re going to get in, you’re not going to be able to defend against a group of six geared people unless you’re exponentially better than them.

That being said, find metal walls/foundations/pillars/ceiling/doorway blueprints and make your house entirely out of metal with as many metal doors as possible between the outside and your chest room. You may not be able to stop raids entirely but if you make them waste enough explosives they’ll most likely just leave you alone.

hai postal

Not to be on the same footing as such… that would make clans near pointless. I think the solo player needs more fairer playing field than what they are currently offered…

As i mentioned before perhaps everyone across the board has less health etc Because i get a hell of a lot of hit markers on my fellow attacker, they just spam heal and run away hence no kill… making fighting in general more harder for the individual to survive.

Only problem with trip mines is that I can already formulate a strategy to deal with them: bring a couple of sleeping bags (or just an extra few naked people) and just headbutt into the mines until they are cleared.

Bullet damage is fine although the power curve that comes along with progression needs to be flattened a bit. It was never meant to be a fair playing field for the individual, running away and healing is a perfectly legitimate strategy. If you have an issue with it either up your base design or learn how to aim better.

no like said above there will be more thing implimented into the game such as traps and turrents… you just have to wait this is in the early stages yet and will get better as it goes along… if you want to defend yourself make false rooms and put metal doors up and put blockaids up inside your house along the wall to better defend it… also like said above the more explosives they go through to get to your house they will get bored and not want to use their resources on something they dont even know you have… also if people bring enough health kits and bandages then yes they will survive longer in fights… just bring more bullets and dont cry about it or get a better gun that will drop them with more hits! i mean for real a hatchet can take someone down with 2 hits

personally i think part of the issue comes down to the zombie threat as well. I have not played yet, but from what i have read, the zombies are not really a threat, its the players, much like in DayZ for awhile there. Individuals should have issues against groups yes, but groups need to suffer from the fact that they generate more noise.

If zombies were more of a threat, individuals could probably loot better and sneak better, where as groups would be better for clearing zombies and such. What this would mean is more wasted ammo/weapons, possible accidental deaths, and other things, making attacking someone else more costly.

Garry is getting his dick blown by Postal while simultaneously taking a dump onto Rust.

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Had this thought earlier, the giant 1x2x100 towers, that essentially have the loot at the top guarded by 12883274154 metal doors, if you destroyed the ENTIRE bottom floor, would the tower collapse?

I build small houses and make them look undesirable. Still haven’t been raided once in a week on East.

you cant destroy the pillars holding up the building, only the walls

you can’t destroy pillars so no, but you would just have to make stairs all the way to the top and blow 1 wall.

A few things to think about when making a base that will help “prevent” grief.

  1. Build as low to the ground as you can. A big 1 floor base is less griefable then a multi story building that can have its stairs broken and ceilings replaced over them. This will screw base really bad not allowing you access to your other floors unless you rebuild.

  2. Always fill in the gaps. Do not leave empty pillars where someone can just come along and place a wall inside your base to block you in. Even on the inside of your base if a person blows down a door and you have empty pillars they can just put up a wall so at least put doorways or windows in ANY empty slots inside your base.

  3. Have 2 entrances with one anti grief. You can prevent people from griefing your entrance by either placing a foundation with a couple pillars in the middle and some side pillars (not corner) in front of your entrance or build so one entrances foundation is against some kind of slope disallowing anyone else from placing a foundation in front of your entrance to block it. You expand thru way of adding on to your current MAIN entrance or none grief protected.

  4. Always… and I mean ALWAYS build in sections. Do not build a bunch of foundations at a time, do not leave ANY foundation unbuilt, NEVER put pillars up and leave them with out walls, never leave a doorway with out its door and FFS NEVER leave your ceiling open. ALWAYS build in sections not a pillar here and a wall there.

good info vortex

You make some great points,

But in my case i have like 10 plus foundations on my 1st floor, they knock down every door or wall just to make it to the first set of stairs which they grief instantly, not so much caring about loot it seems to be more of a troll.

Tbh i really can’t wait till they fix lame griefing… -_-

Thanks for your ideas :wink:

On the bottom floor put a pillar in the middle of the foundation and a ramp on it, if they break the ramp they cant place a ceiling over it because of the pillar.