How does one get kevlar?

Without researching it, or killing another player with it?

well, without researching it or killing another person with it, idk. may drop off a zombie but idk

Kill zombies, and they rarely drop kevlar blue prints. You can make kevlar with metal fragments. It takes 250 metal fragments to make one full set.

Basically, there are 4 ways to get any item.
Most items are available through all these 4 ways.

These are:

  1. You can scavenge the blueprint or item from zombie loot.
  2. You find the blueprint or item in rad town crates.
  3. You trade the blueprint or item with other players (or raid their base/scavenge their corpses).
  4. You get the blueprint or item from a supply drop.

Items can of course be researched with a research kit.

I’m pretty sure, that you don’t get kevlar from airdrops.

I’m quite sure that I’ve gotten Kevlar items from a drop before. Never any blueprints, though.