How does one go about creating models and rag dolls?

Now I know the first person to comment on this will most likely tell me “use the search bar” but as I and many others have proved, the search bar isn’t always as helpful as most people think. Now if we can get on to the real reason I’ve thrown this thread together.

I’m tired of just sitting around and wasting my time waiting on someone to create a model or ragdoll or even an NPC of something I like for Garry’s Mod. I’m going to join the ranks of the editing elite and created my own models and ragdolls and such. The only problem is that I’ve searched through maybe 20 google pages on numerous searches with no results. I want to make these things but am completely ar-tarded on how. If someone could maybe give me a link to a site or videos with some basic and advanced instructions then I’ll be on my way to creating some kick ass models for myself and the Garry’s Mod Community


2 minutes on google got me this

i just don’t think you know how to search


also this should go in the “models/skins” section

maybe it’s that, maybe i just looked at the wrong places, anyways, thank you sir