How does one model/port for garrysmod?

Please read this, i have searched and i can’t find any tutorial for modeling for garrysmod, before i get my ass flamed off please just help, i really want to get into this.

Port… what?

Port models from other games?

Mariokart’s guide might help.

Modeling for gmod is just modeling game art for any other game. There’s no gmod-specific things. I suggest you get a free program like Blender 3D, XSI Mod Tool or Maya PLE and start searching for tutorials. Just program name + tutorials in google should bring you enough.

Thank you all very much.

Say one was porting from Jedi Academy 2 (the samurai models) to Gmod. How?

In that case, you would start by searching for a way to extract the models from the game. THEN you would find out how you make them useable in the source engine :slight_smile:

Open up the packs in zip, extract your GLM models (golem meshes) convert them to SMD’s, whatever else. (recommend noesis for this) and then start rigging your model. As GLM files convert without any skin information as far as I know.

But the models are pretty low poly so should be quite straighforward.


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What program do I use to convert GLM to SMD?

I would suggest Milkshape, I just checked and it can import GLM and then you can simply export them to SMDs.

You win a cyber cookie. Thank you.

I have models that are in MTL and OBJ that i want to port into Gmod. Would I do the same things listed above? Would I just convert them to SMD? The models I have are from Sonic Colors. The file types are MTL and OBJ.

i want to port models from mass effect, mass effect 2 and amnesia but how can i

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also do i need any programs or anything

so, I have a model in OBJ. and the material is in MTL. how would I go about converting that?