How does one remove Wiremod?

I installed Wiremod’s mac version DL and nothing works in Gmod.
All of the tools and such are only errors, which really makes no sense, and is dissapointing.
Ive also deleted Wiremod from my computer and its Desktop application.

Wiremod has a desktop application?

Anyways, how did you get Wiremod, SVN or regular download?
Did you put it in the addons folder or copy all of the files and mesh them with the game’s files?

I’m assuming you mean that you used the OneClickWM application that they made. Strange that it broke your gmod though, never had that happen to me. You can search wiremod throughout your mac and make sure you deleted every trace of WM. If that doesn’t work there is always the option of cleaning out your gmod folder.

On me, I have made a shortcut inside the SVN updater (Via “Show Package Contents”) to the terminal file inside of it so I know if/what it is updating.