How does one share data between servers?

Like the title insinuates. I want to know how to share data not between client and server but between a database server and a game server.
Server A would be A gmod gameserver running just about any gamemode with my addon.
Server B would be A mysql server.
Does anyone know how to go about this? I would like to know how to send orders from gmod -> mysql and to retrieve data from it.

Why do I need this?

I am working on a unique system to actively remove the undesireables from my servers.
Basicly an anti-cheat / anti-minge/douchebag addon.

The objective is when I ban a user I want that users information to be send to a mysql database.
And I want other servers to be able to read that data when said users connects to my other server.

Any examples on how to do this would be greatly apreciated. I know its possible because the clockwork framework does it.
However I can not seem to find any data on how to do this.
And please don’t reply with “just use x plugin” such replies will only waste both our time.

One word: mysql.
But you already know that.
You just have to send queries from server A to B and in reverse, I think it can be done via mysqloo

I assume by mysqloo one means this?:

It might be something I could use but i’m not sure how. If i’m correct all I’d need to do is follow the installation instruction to allow the server lua to connect to the database. I assume every server to run my addon will require the same treatment. This is the one you should use, the one you linked is for an old version of gmod

-Snip, thought you meant communication between multiple GMod servers-

Thank you very much gents, that solves my current problem il mark it as solved.