How does one turn a ragdoll into an NPC?

I want to turn some models into NPCs.

I dont think you can.


I don’t know how to but I’m pretty sure you can.

Could you be, I don’t know… More specific? Like which models?

use Model Manipulator tool if you are lazy and don’t want to lua code these.


In all seriousness, though, by LUA coding. I do not know how, you could ask someone who does know how, or search for a tutorial.

Well, if you rig the actual model to an HL2 Biped, then you can turn it into a citizen npc and I think pretty much every other character… Not sure though as I have never actually tried it.

Yeah, I forgot about that. Some part needs to be set to “valve biped”.

if you put them in sdk model viewer and view the bones you can find out if they did the right thing and used custom rig, or used valve rig, if they use valve rig it will work as npc with some code

Just decompile the .qc file and add the npc animations, assuming the model you are trying to turn into an npc uses the valve biped.