How does Outfitter work

Hello, I have question, how does outfitter on the metastruct work, i mean how does it download addon and load playermodel from it :slight_smile:

For you’r first question, its a bit small…
Especially on developer discussion.

Well to answer you’r question, it would use resource.AddWorkshop and download its playermodel files on player join, secondly it must already have the playermodel on the server so the owner/whoever is incharge, would find the playermodel location and use it. Done.

Nonono, the outfitter works in another way, i join the server i dont download any addons, i open outfitter then outfitter is opening workshop for me, and then i search workshop for my model and then i click Y then it download addon for me and mount it and when someone is near me then it download that addon to it, i dont know how this is made. (That downloading)

it downloads a png and saves it in data, then they loads it and apply the material to that modekl

The answer above me is beyond cringe. The First one is just ignorant.

As you said, the outfitter downloads and mounts whatever model you pick from the workshop. Essentially, that’s all there is to it. Essentially, anyway. The way it actually works is quite a bit more. a few thousand lines more. Since the source has yet to see the light of day, i’m currently making my own version of it.

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Y’all are wrong, and outfitter is not PAC.

It uses

game.MountGMA primarily, if I recall correctly. Not sure though, never looked into it.

Oh, i though he meant PAC thing for setting custom textures like shirts and that stuff