How does the experimental Rust work??

Been playing for a few weeks and see all the new stuff but I’m still running the default. Where so I go on Steam to get the new content?

Go to your Steam library, right click on Rust, go to Properties, Go to the farthest left tab on the window, then hover through the options until you see Experimental. Click it, and your Rust will automatically begin updating itself to the latest experimental version.

Just note that for most people the experimental branch isn’t a very satisfying game experience right now. It has a beautiful new random map and we might be able to build sometime this week but as of now there isn’t a whole lot of gameplay that you might expect from the legacy branch. I think lots of people sign onto experimental expecting a lot more than is currently there. If you just want to see what’s being worked on though, it’s great.

How does experimental work? Well, let me put this lightly…it doesn’t, at least here on Linux.