How Does Weapon Coding Work?

Hey, So I’m new to Source 2 and would like to get into the coding/modding department. Does anyone know how well the coding is for weapons in S&Box? I developed these Gravity Grenades in HLA a while back and it was a lot of fun and a huge learning experience however it was done in Lua and I hear S&Box runs on C++ code.

I would love to get a taste of weapon modding or further tools to use in the game. I’m beyond excited for S&Box!

Gravity Grenades Example

S&Box uses C#, not C++

As for making weapons: There is no proper ‘guide’ for it yet, though we do have some examples from github repositories facepunch has made public like dm98.

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Ah thanks for the reply back. I’d like to see what other tools there are and how capable they can be. It’s good that so many people are getting early access atm so game modes and addons will hopefully be ready to go out along with the final release of the game.

Ask papa brickoloni on the discord. He looks to have made a gun.

Do you know their full @ or which server they are on? Would love to ask them more if they don’t mind

uhm the FP discord

Papa lives on official S&Box Discord Server.
(Link to Discord here - Everything you might need to know for S&Box)
Also, you can find Papa`s discord name here -