How Exactly Do You Get Aimbotters Punished?

There are multiple aimbotters on my server, but the thing is the admin can’t just ban them, you need solid proof. Well I’ve done this test on the same person no matter where I go he snaps his crosshair to me immediately and kills me with full fire with no recoil. However since he has hacks and the admin shows up he’ll just act innocent till the admin goes away?

how the fuk do you deal with this

Not play on servers with shitty admins.

FRAPS him and send it to the admin for proof + search up his name on MPGH.

Then send it to the admin. About all you can do.

  • Reporting him on Steam as a cheater always helps.

If you have a good admin he will have to watch the guy for a while. This works a lot better when you can silently PM an admin via steam or ticket or w.e method the server may have enabled… also it is pretty easy to see when they go full auto with the m4 that they are hacking. the bullets come out of the gun as if you were shooting rope.

I wouldn’t play on that server anymore.
You need active admins with this game.

I’m not trying to advertise my server but you should come check us out. We ban hackers quick!

Reporting him to Valve is in fact useless, since the info is used for stats and statistics, and as said by Valve themselves

VAC will catch all known cheats known to the system in one giant ban wave.

It should be pretty easy to implement something into the code to alert administrators when someone’s recent accuracy is way higher than average so the admins can investigate.