How exactly do you get kevlar?

The only way i get it is by killing another player. Where does the blueprint drop? Crates/animals? only in a certain area?

red animals drop them. crates too.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen one in a crate, but I sure do know rad animals drop them.

Blueprint in rad towns loot drops and red animals

This is probably unlikely, but make sure you aren’t playing in a server with kevlar turned off entirely.
People mod the loot tables on their servers so that could be a reason you aren’t seeing it.

However kevlar is decently rare so I’m sure you just haven’t found any yet.

some of the blueprints for Kevlar are a bit rare at times, even killing dozens of rad animals may not get you some specific sets of prints, they’re worth using research kits on (IMO) if you manage to score a full set off of a kill.

best way is to kill a hacker they seem to have a bunch for some reason…