How exactly do you pose realistically?

I’ve been bugged by this for awhile… How exactly do most of you pose such realistic poses with no problem? Is their any form of tutorial (other then ingame) I can look at for advice?

When I pose things I sometimes get off my chair to see how I would do the action I’m trying to recreate.

Look at the mirror. That’s what I do

Ah. Danke’. I’ll try that sometime… Just what I’m having trouble with is the arms and legs refuse to agree usually. Any ways to fix that as well?

Go to an arts ‘n’ crafts store and get one of those wooden human statues. Those help me.

There is no such thing as a good pose with out problems. The better you want it the harder you must work, tweak, swear and curse before satisfaction ensues.

It is a trail and error thing until it sits. Study real life pictures and even assume the alleged position if you feel you aren’t getting there.

i was like “i want to pose realistically” and then i did

Quick tip.

Focus on the torso and hip, plus leveling off it’s based floor.

You screw that up, everything is bonkers.

My friend gave me the tip to statue the ragdoll as soon as you spawn it. This helps if you’re trying to get it in a standing/sitting position. Work the upper torso when you move it, that gives the most control.

Standing and posing yourself will help too. It may sound stupid, but once you see how YOUR arms move, you can work with the ragdoll with more ease.

I just pose till it looks okay in my eyes.

i act out the pose im trying to make too :v:
idk if this is really relevant but, when i’m posing i usually do it like this:
1)upper torso
2)legs, starting with the lower leg, then the feet
3)arms, starting with lower arm, then hands

Get the torso down, then check the feet to make sure they’re flat on the ground. Secure the feet, make adjustments to the torso so your character’s standing up straight, and you’re on the way.

First two posts are good advice

Thats exactly what I do =D

I’ve never ever done that before, I just do it, I dunno.

Unfortunately, I am afraid that if you have to ask that question, then you might just not be cut out for posing. More often than not it comes rather naturally. The only advice that I can give you is to practice practice practice. It might come eventually. Just be sure to never settle for anything that doesn’t look right.

What Vman said, practice. but like others said some parts are easier to work with first then others. Myself I do the torso first so that it is in a good spot as well as the feet are flat on the ground, then go to feet. then from there i make sure that booty is tucked in. “I like tucked in butts and i cannot lie!”

then just go from there also make sure the back is tilted somewhat forward, for slouching, because in real life no one stands perfectly straight casually.
hope this helps

I’m assuming you mean like military poses. For me, I hold a weapon that’s similar to the weapon in the pose and I pose in front of the mirror and look at my body. What some others do is use pictures to their advantage. It’s all about practice.