How Far Until Rocks,Animals and Wood Piles Stop Spawning.

So im really new to the game but ran out pretty far from the road to make a base. I look around and dont see animals,wood piles or rocks to mine. Only Trees as far as you can see. Will they spawn if i run around a bit or will i have to make long trips back to the main road?

There are some areas that just naturally don’t have many resources, or they tend to be hidden away in a corner somewhere…
I believe I read somewhere that if you climb the northern mountain you can actually find quite a bit of space on the other side but there are no resource spawns at all, just trees.
It’s always a bit of give and take, if you climb over Mt Everust into hacker valley there’s wide open spaces (generally) without too many other players, the downside being that there are only a few spots that spawn resources.
One can usually find a decent spot close enough to some civilization but hidden up among the rocks and mountains, close enough for a jog to resources but far enough away that people won’t see your house right away.

@Sievers808 Thanks for the tips but ive tried hiding close and it just ends up in a raid. ill be looking for an area far off with some resources. if not ill be getting some exercise haha.