How fast would you like to see cars travel?

So with cars being developed and all It just came to my mind how fast will they be able to travel, obviously they have to travel faster than a person but how fast will be too fast? I think cars should travel twice as fast as a human on basic fuel and 3 x faster on more advanced fuel, however I would like to see the variations in fuel have different pros and cons.

An example of this would be If I use a basic fuel it may make the car travel slower than if I used advanced fuel however, advanced fuel would burn less economically where as basic fuel is used more efficiently if you understand what I mean, which I hope you do.

Hopefully the vehicles speed varies based on it’s design, the weight its currently carrying and the condition of it’s various parts. (for example, you get 1 tire shot out and you will move more slowly)

Yeah I like that Thor, I really hope there will be different types of fuel too and respective engines to make vehicle design more competitive.

Since they are going for a scrapped together look, the max speed should be 3 or 4 times sprinting speed. Fast enough to be much better than walking, but not so fast that they can cross the map in a few minutes. I also like the idea of weight decreasing speed, such as armor and mounted guns.

Looking forward to them as haulers the most.

Yup. You don’t need much of a speed boost to have a huge advantage. These “cars” look pretty scraptastic, so we shouldn’t be zipping around. I’d even go for them being 2x or less with LGF and loaded with armor, guns, and a day’s loot.

Maybe the faster you go, the faster the durability wears out.

They should be fast enough for timetravel.

55 mph with flames…

Slow, because maps are too small.

i’d say about 40 km/h. These aren’t factory made vehicles and the mapsize has to be taken into account.

3-4 times faster than sprinting players. and explode for no reason;)

Map sizes tend to vary from server to server.

As long as there’s a motorcycle, I’m happy.