How gmod should open

My idea for a gmod background thought it would spice opening gmod a little

I can make this into a background if you would like?

Sure if you want

Horrible, bad graphics, bad posing, And the gmod logo’s so squashed it’s oozing crap


Its because i edited it with photo shop it squishes it when i save it and it looks much better in the original pose

Perhaps you should re-do this, or even think of a background not involved with the stupid original…

its suppose to be funny not well posed just funny

It would be funnier if it was well-posed.

Yeah, bad posing.

It’s uhh been done…several times…OFFICIALLY…


Not an excuse, it’s mspainted also i checked, there’s no layers

I don’t like this shitty picture, but you can’t see if it was done in photoshop like that.

Of course there’s layers dumb ass

Scanned it with my own GIMP plugin, results are in

Last opened in: Microsoft Paint 24 Hours ago

I didnt use paint for a start and of course there are more than one layer for god sake