How good a server should I get.

I am considering starting a serverwith a friend. It will be for gmod sandbox, and have a couple of maps in rotation. also I would like to own this server, so a one off payment, and I keep the server in my house. 16-25 player limit. What kind of server should I get, and about how much will it cost.

How fast is your internet connection?

I don’t know, but i’ll probably upgrade whan i get it.

and I’m on a wireless router, so I’ll probably have to go around it.

In that case I’d just suggest you to either rent a server, or if you really want to own your own hardware, get it in a good server central. This’ll cost you much more than renting a server. Also, I’d say there is no way to host 16 player server on a home server. At least if you’re limited to a couple of megs upload speed and have your own comp in the same LAN.

the thing is I want a one off payment, and then I don’t have to worry about anything. but i’m only looking at the moment, if its too expensive, i’ll stick to other servers.

edit: accedently rated myself optimistic

It’s gonna skyrocket your internet connection’s cost anyway. You’ll be cheaper off renting a server. They’re sometimes even cheaper than one dollar per slot.

I’m British, so I’ll one one based of this Island, rather than an american one.

I remember there being a very cheap host in the UK. Also, I’m Finnish, so I didn’t mean an american provider necessarily. I just used dollars because most people know how much a US dollar is worth. :stuck_out_tongue:

I used to know how much a doller was worth, but then the reccesion came.

edit: i realy don’t know anything about servers, on impulse me and a friend decided to look if they where within our price range, so heres one question, are “slots” the ammount of people who can go on the server

Yes, slots are the amount of people that can go on the server at one time. If you run a server from home, your most likely going to have to get an upgraded internet connection, which will cost more. It’s much better of an idea to go with a host listed here If you want a specific recommendation, PM me.

If you’re able to spare about a tenner a month, you can get a good deal @
20 slots for £10.87 and the support aint that half bad either.


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