How good does a theater map sound?

When i’m in the process of making my theater map, I often wonder if it will be an addition to one or more theater servers. I was only meant to make this map for gmodtheater but it can be for everyone.

Many of you may have already known the theater game mode and for those who don’t know what it is, it basically means that you can watch youtube videos in your garrysmod game with other people and have a laugh and stuff.

My current theater map, namely theater_southcity-cinemas, is currently a work in progress and I aim to complete it sometime next week or next month depending on my motivation. I am enthusiastic about making this map and hoping it will be a great addition to the list of gmod maps in the theater gamemode.

Now we got all the details straightened out, here are some features of which my map will include:

-A large lobby with smoking area.
-2 small or 1 large staff room (staff would be admin)
-VIP room with multizone theater and access to vip areas of theaters 1, 2 and 3
-5 rentable theaters (2 of which are VIP only)
-3 large public theaters
-ticket and popcorn vendor counters

There will be some secrets throughout the whole map, you will have to look very carefully.

Some screenshots of my map that I have currently worked to:

The roof and all my labelling such as room titles, adverts, banners etc will be added when i finish my map and lights where appropriate.

Everything seems so…

Its a lot better than what I have seen from you, so good job.

It sounds shit, I mean, a theater come on…
But when I look at your pics… WOW! I’d love to be there

Nice railings on the stairs and stuff…that’s all I can say really.

Did you func_detail those round columns?

It looks okay, though the map idea itself isn’t amazing. I’ve already seen several theater maps.

Looking great so far! Love the architecture.

Edit: my only criticism would be that it seems like a very run of the mill and small theater for such a simple entrance/lobby. If you’re doing this solely for the theater (i.e. no major buildings other than the theater), I think it would be very cool if you added another level below that along with a much large balcony, box seats, etc.

It all depends on what kind of sound system you install…?

No but seriously it looks fine. Quite empty without props but textures look ok. I quite like it.

Looks kinda like one of the theatres in london. Nice architecture though.

I personally can’t believe this is coming from you. I mean, your last map you showed of was shit. And I mean SHIT.

Bah, all I need is some inspiration and imagination, and know what textures go well together etc.

As for the entrance, i will be making a glass window double doors. I’m going to add a smoking area and restaurant to that big empty space on the left when you enter.

Yes the pillars, the walkways and the multi-sided brushes are func_detailed.

wait, theater gamemode?
can you please post a download link?
I made a theater map while back, and I want to experiment with that.

It sounds obvious but look up some images on google to get some inspiration. I only say this because most people that want to build a house for example, do so from memory and not what a house really looks like. That sounds silly but there are so many details people forget, like how the roof meets the walls, gutters, window frames and borders. So look at photos of cinemas and try to include little details no one thinks about.

Also, what’s the scale like with this map? Because the lobby area looks rather large compared to the actual theatre (unless you’re going for a giant multiplex thing) . Placing some NPC’s in hammer will give a good indication of whether the scale is right or not.

Projector room?

Like a theater map TBH.

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But yeah, It is a lil’ plain. Although it doe’s look alright.

Not bad OP, looks nice, keep going :buddy:

It doesn’t sound that good because the other theater map looked shit.

It certainly looks good though.