How good is this server pc

Hello, im thinking of buying a server pc from a store that has them on sale.


2 x Intel Xeon 3.4Ghz - 800 Mhz FSB - 64-Bit

6 GB RAM - DDR2 400Mhz ECC

Dell Perc 4e/DI 256MB DDR2 RAID Controller (battery backed)

2U Rackmount Form Factor

700GB SCSI Hard Drives

Dual embedded Gigabit NICs

My internet: 80mbps down, 20mbps up, unlimited bandwith

How many gmod servers could i run with this?
Yes i know its dell but do you think this is a good server for around 130 bucks?


If it’s only $130 then go for it.

700GB SCSI drives? I didn’t know they went up that far.

That’s a good server, you could probably fit around 4-5 servers on it.

Sorry its actully 8 x 36.4GB 15K SCSI Hard Drives

read it wrong

thanks for the reply

AWESOME! 2 Xeons go for it, 30 player easily, aslong as your bandwith can handle it.

Yea its unlimited bandwith :slight_smile: