How good is this server pc?

Hello, im thinking of buying a dell poweredge server as they are on sale.
How many servers and slots could i run with these server specs?Internet - 40mbps download
10mbps upload
Unlimited bandwith
Server -

CPU:2 x Intel Xeon 3.4Ghz - 800Mhz FSB- 1MB Cache - 64-Bit

RAM:6 GB PC2-3200DDR2 400Mhz ECC RAM*6 DIMM slots -*0 Unused

Hard Disk Controller:Dell Perc 4e/DI 256MB SCSI RAID Controller - BatteryBacked2 x36GB 10k SCSI

Hard Drives Installed*4 x Dell SCSI Blanks Installed

Graphics Card:*Video Embedded ATI Radeon 7000-M with 16MB SDRAMOptical Drive:


Disk Drive: Not Installed

Network:* Dual embedded Intel Gigabit NICs - 2 x Ports

Power:*700W Hot-Plug Power Supply

They are insanely cheap about 120bucks

The network is very good, forget about download its all about upload. The ram is good as well, HOWEVER its ddr2 400mhz, this COULD be an issue in terms of server speed, since servers rely heavily on ram. The only thing that matters for servers is really network and ram, hopefully your very high upload speed will compensate for your slower ram. In all, for the price this seems to be a very good build, i would be interested to see how well it works. As far as slots, it depends on what gamemode. For sandbox, maximum of 20 maybe, anything above is just not really going to work. For RP, maybe 30 or so slots, im basing this all on your network speeds. I run my own server box with a 3.7ghz quad core amd, 2gb of ddr3 1333mhz ram and a 4mb/s upload connection. On sandbox i can handle about 16 players before it starts getting either very laggy or very cpu intensive. As far as how many servers you can run, that depends on how much NETWORK load each server will take, 10mb/s upload is good, but its not amazing. You could run a few servers, just not all servers constantly loaded with max players.

First of all, Garry’s mod as a server is very CPU intensive.
Those RAM OP has listed, that speed is not their dual-channeled speed.

The CPU OP has listed does not have a built in memory controller, and therefore, faster RAM would not really give any performance, since they will be slowed down by the FSB. Since the data between the RAM and the CPU has to travel through the Northbridge.