How hard is it to get a rust key?!

I have been trying for DAYS to get a rust key typing in random keys, entering keys that garry posted, the list would go on forever. But WHY are they so hard to get I would do ANYTHING to get a key (accept pay $200 for a key seriously wtf?)
Is it really so hard to get a key even if i was only playing for the alpha / beta and i had to buy the game after FINE! but i have been trying and trying and trying WHY is it so hard. and if you have a key how did you get yours or what you think is the best way to get a key? But the game isnt even finished it is in a really really crappy state it doesnt have a lot of stuff its buggy at times and its just not even done yet so why do you have to try so hard to get that? :suicide:

Why do people try so hard? You ask me. Your the one trying Hard.

hahahahahahahahahhahahahahhahaha There are soooo many other posts that are very similar to this one read the forums man…

The shop price decreases over time, so if you’re smart you wont pay more then $30-$50 for a key. It’s hard to get in because it’s an alpha. They want to limit the number of users because of the stress it puts on their servers, which they are in fact upgrading regularly and letting new people in.

It’s in a “really really crappy state” because as I said, it’s alpha and very early development.

haha your right this topic is probably the most common topic on rust ever but i thought maybe one person feels the same way?