How hard will this be?

Just wanted some info from some experienced lua coders on a making a gmod gamemode. Please tell me how hard you think it will be to code each part for a beginner lua coder. I have never made anything major before but I am willing to give it a good go.

Part a. A basic gamemode where one team of humans spawn with a smg and a pistol and the zombies have an weapon that converts humans to zombies instantly on the spot. The humans guns would ,as well as damage the zombies, knock them back, enabling humans to hold out because zombies would have ALOT of health. For every 15 players on the server there is one zombie, plus one zombie that is always on (eg is 27 people were playing then there would be 2 zombies at the start of each round.) The round would end when all of one team were dead. The aim of the game for the humans is not to kill the zombies with their guns but escape to a safe location to set off a nuke or something similar to kill the zombies. (It is already a similar gamemode on css so no mapping required) Also i would need a custom scoreboard which i could change the colour of people’s name to show ranks like admin or donator.

Part b. A shop system where you earn money for killing zombies/humans or surviving. You can spend you money on upgrades like extra guns or cosmetic items like hats or custom humam models.

Part c. A way to give different people different “stats” (eg giving donators and admins a discount on the shop, a bonus item or a speed boost for example.

Hope you understand what I mean, any questions please PM me. Also would you be interested in playing this in gmod (its Zombie Escape from CSS if you hadn’t realised)

Quite difficult for a beginner coder, not too bad.

It doesn’t look that hard, though you have to be willing to put your time in it.
First of all you will need to learn Lua, fool around with it before you start on this.
Second of all, make sure you write down everything you will need in your gamemode:

  • Functions
  • How do these functions work?

You might want to download some simple gamemodes like Flood, look through them and see how stuff is done. Try to understand the code and learn from it.

I hope this will help you.

PS: Please dont ask people to make the whole thing for you, it’s more fun to do it yourself( and learn from it ).

I’d do it for $25 :smug:

i wasn’t asking and no thanks combine :smiley:

thanks for the advice!