How Hard Would It Be To Add A Custom Symbol Beside Usernames?

How hard would it be to implement a way to add a custom symbol in-game next to someone’s head?
I want to make it where people who prestige automatically receive a small symbol to signify that they have prestiged.

When do you want it to appear? You could use PostPlayerDraw ( Most Likely best option, no loop needed ), HUDPaint ( loop through all players, and only if player isn’t obstructed… ), HUDDrawTargetID ( When you mouse-over them ), etc…

When should it display? 3D? 2D?

I want it to appear after the player presses E on a specific book.
I just want a simple 16 x 16 2D image to stay by there name permanently.

SQLite, text saving and MySQL?

A easy and lazy thing could be that you do a if statement like. [lua]if ( playerHasXxXDonatorPrestigeUnlocked ) then ply.badge = “materials/ops/donatorprestige.vtf”; end[/lua]

Just draw the ply.badge in PostPlayerDraw and save it using a data saving way mentioned above and retrieve it on the players join and set attach it to the player again.