How has DevNull affected Communities you run or apart of?

It’s simple, just post how DevNull has affected your communities that you’re apart of or have ran, I’ll start it off.

When I got my dedicated box and paid for the bill, 3 days later my box was taken offline for 4 hours after being DDoSed and the datacenter decided to kick us out without a refund.
Recently we got another dedicated server which was DDoSed because we ran a server which was “Competition” for other servers and then we got attacked over 100% of our line, our website was taken offline. The datacenter decided to allow us to stay up as long as take that server down, which we did any now they started targeting our other servers and don’t want to refund us, I paid for the server just one day ago.

Don’t post any hatred posts towards me or other members please.

As much as I do hate DevNull, not every attack can be blamed on it.

I know but a majority of skiddies attack with devull… look at exiled for example

Do you even know if it was actually a DevNull attack and not just some other generic attack? I believe there’s quite a lot of ways to DoS/DDoS.

Most of server owners now take for granted that every behind every attack there is DevNull, and they are probably right.

I had planned to buy a dedicated server for my community when GMod 13 came out, but i know that if i ban the cheaters they’ll just take it down and I’ll be the one paying the bill.

There are hosts out there that have begone to see this dilemma and have actually setup specific ACL rules to block multiple drdos forms, including the vast majority DevNull uses. But if they where to advertise DevNull would alter there system and it becomes pointless :/.

My attacks were devnull because it used cod4 and quake3 servers. Having a dedicated server in au with ddos protection is un heard of we only get 100mbit lines

It might have been smart to do a charge-back if you got kicked off without a refund…

because of all this crap going around with these kids taking down these community’s for “banning them for cheating” i don’t want to risk getting my asshole Ddos’d by some punk 10 year old who is doing it for the “lulz” or being butt hurt. It is sad to see come great community’s are stopped dead by some dick fuck who thought it would be funny to attack the server after the first or second attack people just leave and the community falls apart and dies off. Maybe Garry’s Mod 13 will change my mind on hosting a server

That’s not really true, I’ve lost count of the amount of attacks ByB has been put under. We’ve had 5 weeks downtime at one point, 4 weeks death to the EU servers over christmas and kicked out of about 5 datacentres. We’re still going strong :slight_smile:

We get attacked because other servers are feeling competition and don’t like us, when we went up we hit over 30+ players per server :frowning:

You know, you can get a Devnull whitelist for $150 which stops it being used on your server. Thats what I did

TIL: DevNull is the mafia.

protection money

I find it amusing Ruzza posted this since my community’s servers have been DDoSed by Ruzza (and another admin from his community) in the past.

That said, I don’t agree with using DDoS tools against other communities, including Ruzza’s. I hope it stops.

LOL? Why would you think I’m DDoSing KickAss Servers…

Also Stan doesn’t like me and doesn’t want to give me protection.

I didn’t say you were right now, I said you did in the past.

BTW didn’t Devnull get taken down or something?

That’s ok, because I only pay $99 a month for a DevNull protected VDS in New York, with 4 cores of an e3-1270 :wink:

I never DDoSed anyone, stop pulling shit out your ass.