How have custom scripts improved games? - Research Assignment

Hello all, in Australia for senior curriculum we do a thing called a Research Project, and basically we have a lesson purely dedicated to picking a research topic of our choice and providing a giant folio of research to the department of education regarding our topic. My topic is “How does third party development alter the gameplay of a game?” and obviously since this is such a important research topic I am required to get input from primary sources - and believe it or not but you’re all primary sources!

I’d appreciate if you could all comment on how 3rd party development can / has improved or deteriorated the game mechanics of any specific game. It doesn’t have to be JUST Garry’s Mod, it could be Just Cause 2 Multiplayer, Rust, World of Warcraft - anything.

When it comes to games, 3rd Party Development can both improve and deteriorate games depending on their mechanics. For example, a competitive game such as Counter-Strike. Counter-Strike is developed to be fair to both sides, Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists, but when a 3rd Party Cheat/Script is placed into the game, it changes the mechanics of the game giving one side the advantage over another.

While this is common in many team versus team games, there is also positive outcomes to 3rd Party Development. As we have seen in the last few years, many have dedicated a large proportion of their time to adding to games to make them more enjoyable or change how they work. Just Cause 2 is a perfect example, going from a single player game, a modification team made it multiplayer, drastically altering the game.

3rd Party Development is both positive and negative, and depending on their purpose, determines whether they will either deteriorate the gameplay or improve it.

Modifications can also drastically prolong the replayability of a video game. Team Fortress 2 has a bunch of different mods like Stop That Tank!, WarioWare, Prop Hunt, Death Run, Saxton Hale/Freak Fortress, etc. Counter-Strike has zombie mods, free-for-all mods, gamemodes centered on improving skill, bunny hopping gamemodes, etc. Half-Life 2 Deathmatch had that really awesome puzzle mod along with some roleplay and build gamemodes.

I’m a huge fan of the modding scene because of this - a game with an active modding community is a game that is no longer restricted to the confines of the original development team.

Scripting can also result in a lot of negative stuff. Someone managed to inject Lua into the Source Engine games and from what I understand they managed to get just enough programming done to allow for some full-fledged aimbots and what not. The more modders dig into, the more that digging can result in harm.

Oh, another example is Pinion in TF2/CS:GO. That wouldn’t have happened if modders hadn’t got their hands on all of the appropriate hooks to let them advertise and force you to stick around at the MOTD.

I think third party developement is a great idea. I mean, take for example code_gs who made that script to stop the ragdoll crashing and other times where users have fixed stuff the developers haven’t.

I also hope that it helps create a better relationship between the dev and user, especially if the creator encourages people to go ahead and make their own stuff.

The negatives wauterboi are important, too, I think. Stuff like Pinion is always gonna be shitty.

These are all perfect examples of the opinions I’m looking for! Keep them up!

The replay-ability is really the key thing. Without 3rd party mods, how many players would still be playing Garry’s Mod? Sure, sandbox can be entertaining, but after a while it becomes stale. With game-modes, addons, vehicles, weapons and more; it really introduces unlimited possibilities and options to prolong the life of the game.

This goes for any game which has been modded; not just Garry’s Mod. There are many other examples where, without the modding community, the game wouldn’t have survived as long as they did.

if everyone only plays mods nobody will play the base game, was a big problem with alteriwnet

As long as people are buying your game and having fun who cares?
It also prevents shitty DLC because people can and will make better DLC than the developer can/will.

The way you worded this makes the entire statement irrelevant. Yes, if people only play mods, then obviously no one will play the original game as the developers intended, but only if the people play mods and only the mods. An equivalent statement would be something like “If x=1 then x=/=2.”

However, I think you’re making an implication that mods can ruin the original game in the sense that people are more driven to derivative work, and I agree to an extent.

Rust community servers disable all kinds of things like weapon decaying and stuff like that and it makes the game unbalanced and totally not in the developer’s vision whatsoever. Counter-Strike: Source, however, had Gun Game and Zombies for gamemodes and people still played the original gamemode quite a bit. CS:GO also actually made Gun Game an official gamemode titled “Arms Race”.

Then there’s the common example of mischevious scripting such as SethHack and Baconbot that were very … popular amongst the gmod community. And the way SethHack collaberated DevNull and caused not only issues for server but also players.

Although there’s always going to be malicious things done when it comes to third-party development, you can’t throw out the baby with the bathwater. There is a lot more good done than bad in terms of custom content and fixes; there has even been third-party developments to stop malicious content from being used in the form of anticheats. In any situation you look at it, third-party development is always beneficial to a game and its community.

Thanks guys! (Sorry for bump) I used this thread as evidence of primary resource researching and it bumped my assignment to a passing grade, this was only a 1/4 way waypoint grade. So now I’ve got the other 3/4 to turn my C into an A! :slight_smile: