How I can create a car?

Hello guys, my question is how I can create a car like HL2 jeep using a 3d car model?

I nor model nor script,but i think you model the car,then do the schwoopy-loopy scripting.

Sorry but I can’t understand you.

You says “You need do scripting” ?

first you need to rig it and make some animations. In Source SDK examples you can find uncompiled HL2 buggy,maybe it will help you. and about scripting i dont know anything :slight_smile:

ok thanks for the info Jano952

Depends on what you want to do!

If its straight up replacing the half life 2 buggy, then its fairly straightforward: you rig the model to the same skeleton the HL2 buggy uses, compile and blamo - you’ve changed the car.

If its creating a new, seperate car entirely then thats a grey area to me, but i’ve seen threads around here for it before.

ok thanks for the answer!

What programs I need for rig skeletons?

3D modeling program like Softimage,3DS Max, Blender, …

ok but how I can get the skeletons and join them with my model?

Somebody can make a mini-tutorial to help me? Thanks a lot

A google search would work … and what program are you wanting to Rig it in also

Its quite hard to make a mini-tutorial to cover this as its a fairly extensive subject (rigging in general), but if i’ve got some spare time later I might be able to put one together