How i can hide grenades from playermodel?

Does anyone know how i can hide grenades from a playermodel in counterstrike source?
is it a command in the .qc file?

thanks for support =)

Well, depends on what you want. If you want to delete them completely, then just remove the necessary $bodygroup command.

they should be able to use them, but when not selected , the grenades should be unvisible.
is that possible?

Yeah I’m fairly sure that’s impossible.

In theory you could modify the grenade hold animation to change the bodygroup, but in my experience that never works.

so there is no known way to do it?

Unless of course I’m wrong. And if I am, please say so. I’d love to be able to control bodygroups in nonstandard situations.

According to the .qc, the grenades are treated as attachments instead of bodygroups. I’d assume that commenting out the $attachment lines for the grenades would hide them, but that’s just a theory. Since I’m not able to actually test that theory out, all I can say is give it a shot and see if that works.

it is possible! with editing the qc file. thanks!

I would use SDK MDL Viewer to create a new position and angle for the attachments. You can put the attachments in the chest of the model.
Ingame is the model of the grenade IN the playermodel and you can’t see it. I would not delete the attachment complete, after that it could be that the grenade is on the ROOT bone (ValveBiped.) of the player.

I’ve tried moving the attachments inside the body through the .qc before. The end result is usually somewhere along the lines of the grenade models clipping through the body if it moves a certain way. Commenting out the attachment lines for the grenades would probably work out better.

Hm. that’s strange. But if the attachment for the grenade worldmodel have the same pos and ang of spine_02 it cant be look out of the body, i think. Commenting out the attachment lines can cause the problem with the root bone maybe (the grenade would then be seen between the feet and “hovers”) . I didnt know it, but i will test it for myself.

Although this is mostly being said out of experience with weapon skins, attachments aren’t actually necessary. Commenting them out doesn’t cause a problem with the root bone at all - the $attachment lines literally just have an entity appear during certain events (in the case of weapon skins, think of something like muzzle flashes when the weapon is fired), and removing that line causes that entity to not appear. In theory, the same would happen with player models; removing or commenting out the $attachment lines for the grenades would cause the grenades to not show at all when other weapons are in use. Like I said before though, I can’t personally test this out on my own right now, so it’s something the OP could at least consider giving a shot.

well our modeler solved the problem. the grenades are now hidden.
oh and this one solution with moving the attachments inside the body, is not usefull for us, because we use noblock on our mod.

but as i said, with deleting the attachment commands of the grenades,or what ever she did, works perfect.

thanks for helping!

i can post the qc file is someone is interested.

Oh okay, thanks for the info, i didnt know that. ^^
Maybe i should better help at stuff for gmod :stuck_out_tongue:

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I am glad that your problem has been solved. :slight_smile: